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Abdominal Pain in Left Side and How to Uproot it

By on March 16, 2013

There is a root cause of abdominal pain in left side. Have you ever experience pain in the left side of your abdomen, maybe while walking down the stairs, while driving, or just when walking, and you stood there still holding your left side of the abdomen wondering what had happened?


As said there is an underlying cause of the pain in left side. Read on to know why it occurs, how and the treatments to expel the pain in left side of your abdomen.

Root of Pain in Left Side of Your Abdomen

The roots that may trigger this kind of pain in left side are several. This includes urination, causes associated to the lungs and gastrointestinal. When suffering from diseases such as pneumonia, bronchitis or pulmonary edema you may experience this pain in left side that is at first mild to moderate and even severe at times.


Pregnancy plus ovarian cysts may cause pain in left side as well. Did you know that heart problems might as well cause abdominal pain in left side? Well, now you know.


You may be having conditions such as congestive heart failure, heart attack, endocaditis, coronary heart failure, aneurysm or simple activities maybe exercise that may trigger the pain; which may show that you have appendicitis, gall bladder or even problems that are bowel related.


Food poisoning, kidney cancer, typhoid, Crohn’s disease, IBS or irritated bowel syndrome pancreatic cancer or flatulence can also cause the pain in left side of your abdomen in a severe degree.


abdominal pain in left side

Abdominal Pains

Warning Signs of the Pain in Left Side of the Abdomen

Left side organs in your body such as, the liver, ureter, kidney, ovary, fallopian tube, adrenal gland and spleen, the descending or the sigmoidal colon and so on;

are the main parts of the body that are greatly affected when you undergo abdominal pain in left side. The muscles and the nerves located on the left side of the abdomen suffer as well.


The symptoms comprise of changes in the bowel pattern or the movement. For a period of about 4 days, the frequency of the bowel movement will have a number of variations. When it gets to this particular point there is a great need to see a doctor.


There will also be other warning signs like blood in your stool, stomach cramps e.t.c plus there may be a great unexpected loss in the body weight accompanied by excessive tiredness.


Measures of Treating Abdominal Pain in Left Side

Early diagnosis to know the root of the pain in left side of the abdomen will help in solving most of the health issues.


The right set of antibiotics should be taken to avoid any future complications, for instance if the cause of the pain is heartburns, then antacids should be administered to provide a temporary relief.


When you have a well balanced and nutritious diet, that is less spiced and moderately salted you are able to keep off from IBS. Also when you take adequate amounts of drinking water, you are in a position to avoid the formation of kidney stones.


However, given that the pain persists and you experience chronic pain, even after playing along these treatment measures, it is best to consult a specialist and follow carefully the prescribed treatments to live without restriction of abdominal pain in left side.



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