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Burning Pain in Foot Causes and Treatment (Videos)

By on June 18, 2013

It is very common for you to experience a burning sensation in your foot at one point or the other.

This article will throw some light on the main causes and treatment for this condition.

Causes of Burning Pain in Your Foot

1. Neuropathy or Nerve Damage:

There are many reasons that could lead to this kind of feeling and one of the main things could be nerve damage otherwise called neuropathy.

A number of medical conditions are responsible for burning feet but top on the log is diabetes. In most cases, you will find that treatment for burning pain in foot focuses on reducing pain and prevention of further nerve damage.

When nerve fibers are damaged, they tend to become overactive and will therefore, send pain signals to the brain even though you do not have a wound. In people suffering from neuropathy, leg nerves are damaged first at the very far end of the feet.

You will find that these people experience tingling and numbness in their feet. The number one cause of neuropathy is diabetes.

Other medical condition as that could cause neuropathy include chronic kidney disease, alcohol abuse, low levels of thyroid hormone, vitamin deficiency, HIV/Aids, heavy metal poisoning, arterial disease and heavy metal poisoning among others.

Sometimes negative drug effects could also be a major cause of the condition.

2. Feet Infection or Inflammation

Apart from neuropathy, inflammation and infection of the feet can also cause burning pain in your foot and the most common hear is athlete’s foot.

This is an infection of the skin that is caused by fungus. People get athlete’s foot when they wear tight shoes that press their toes together creating warm and moist areas that provide a very good condition for the growth and proliferation of fungi.

It is therefore important that you avoid wearing dump socks or shoes that are wet and warm as this will only provide a good environment for growth of fungus.

Do you know that athlete’s foot is contagious and can be transferred from one person to the other? If for instance someone with the infection uses a towel and then you use the same towel without washing, you will most probably get the fungal infection between your toes.

This will of course lead to foot pain as the infection advances and can sometimes reach very painful levels.

Burning Pain in Foot3. Peripheral Artery Disease

Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is a common cause of burning feet. This is a condition whereby blood does not circulate well in the feet.

When blood does not circulate well in the feet, you will most probably experience tingling, pain and burning of feet.

This feeling will be felt mostly when walking. PAD is caused by narrowed arteries reducing blood flow to the limbs.

The best way to deal with PAD is to quit tobacco smoking, eat a healthy diet and exercise in order to burn extra fat deposits that could be blocking the arteries.

4. Gastric Bypass

Many weeks or even months after undergoing gastric bypass surgery, there are people who experience a burning sensation and pain in their feet.

In most cases, when there is poor absorption of B vitamins following or after gastric bypass, it leads to neuropathy and therefore a sensation of burning feet.

Diagnosis for Burning Sensation Pain in Your Feet

How do you identify the cause of burning sensation and pain in your foot? In most cases, the reason for the burning sensation can be easily identified especially for people who are suffering from diabetes, it is almost a given.

For such people, diagnosis of pain in foot caused by neuropathy is obvious and additional diagnosis may not be needed. In other people however, especially, when the pain is instant and suddenly worsening, and there is no explainable cause, further testing and diagnosis is order.

A number of tests are involved here. One of these is electromyography (EMG) which is a test that concentrates on the function of muscles by recording electrical activity in the muscles.

For this test, a probe could be placed on the skin or a needle inserted in the muscle.

Another study is nerve conduction study which tests the impulse transmitting ability of nerves. Normally, a nerve will be stimulated and the response elicited by the nerve in the muscle is measured.

Lab tests are also widely undertaken to diagnose foot pain especially in unexplainable situations. Here, blood, urine and sometimes spinal fluid will be tested to tell the cause of burning foot.

Simple blood tests for instance are very helpful in telling the levels of vitamins. Another test involved is nerve biopsy.

This is however very rare though its probability cannot be dismissed. Your doctor could suggest  cutting a piece of nerve tissue before examining the same under the microscope.

This is however, not recommended for most people with burning foot unless it is very necessary.

Treatment for Burning Pain in Your Feet

The best way to treat foot pain caused by burning neuropathy is to put an end to nerve damage. For those who are suffering from diabetes, this means ensuring that blood sugar levels are kept low.

This is mostly a function of dietary changes, insulin injection and oral medication. For people that have other conditions apart from diabetes, there is need to consider relevant treatment options.

If, for instance, you have alcoholism tendencies, you will have to tone down your alcohol intake to prevent further damage of the nerves and for nerve healing to happen.

Dialysis is very necessary for people suffering from chronic kidney disease. This process aids in the elimination of toxins that will cause neuropathy and other symptoms of burning feet.

In terms of vitamin deficiency causing neuropathy, the affected person will have to take additional B12 by injection or orally in order to boost the nutrient in the body.

There are quite a number of prescribed medications available to treat burning feet. Some of these are very helpful in easing the severe discomfort that comes with burning feet.

If you have athlete’s foot, antifungal drugs will be very helpful and all these are readily available.

Do not however buy just about any drug you come across for the sake of easing the pain, let your doctor do the prescription for the best results.

You do not have to endure the pain and discomfort in your foot while you can have it addressed quite comfortably.

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