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Dangers of Muscle Relaxers | Side Effects

By on June 26, 2013

Dangers of over the counter muscle relaxers are all around those who ingest them. It is a good thing to find a fast cure from your pain if you wake up one day and find it difficult to roll over from your bed, let alone even getting up for work or for other duties.

You do not have to risk taking a measure of treatment such as surgery, but before you go to your doctor and ask for an over the counter muscle relaxer prescription, it is wise to first comprehend the dangers you may be getting in to, slowly but surely.

Addictive Dangers Of Over the Counter Muscle Relaxer

Today, in the entire world, there are hundred of thousands of people who live lives of addition. These people may be close people; younger sibling, family member you love, your neighbor, or perhaps even you.

The addicted patient, even if it’s you, is not the type that you may find out in the street begging for money to afford their next hit. However the person is addicted just the same in every sense.
The addictive dangers of over the counter muscle relaxer, is that it begins from a genuine need for relieving the pain.

One takes the medicine innocently without the knowledge that they may led to an addiction or because they feel that it is the only way for the pain to be relieved.

drugs_depressants_muscle-relaxersDangers Of Over the Counter Muscle Relaxer Common in the Market

Flexeril: it is a common muscle relaxer that is usually prescribed for short-term relief of muscle pain. It poses a threat being taken by a person who has a heart disease, who has experienced a heart attack, with urination difficulties, glaucoma, or even hyperactive thyroids.
Soma: it is a muscle relaxer for sprains, stains, and other muscle injuries. It may cause one to experience burning eyes, weakness, fever, and also difficulties while breathing. It should not be taken by pregnant or nursing women, people with liver or kidney disease and epileptic people.
skelaxin: this is a muscle relaxer that can cause one to have anemia. In addition it should not be taken by people who have liver problems or with alcohol and barbiturates.
Zanaflex: it is a muscle relaxer used for muscle pains, cramps and tightness, multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injuries. It sites dangers of addiction to the patient. In addition when stopped suddenly, it may provoke high blood pressure, anxiety, muscle tension, tremors and elevated heart rates.

General Dangers Of Over the Counter Muscle Relaxer

Taking over the counter muscle relaxer pills just for the sake may put you in a risk of severe side effects in the long run. You may experience dizziness, general body weakness and also you may start experiencing some heart problems.

People who are already addicted to over the counter muscle relaxer pills run the risk of developing a blurred vision, swelling in face, epilepsy, hives, allergies, liver problems, kidney disorders and fluctuations in heartbeat.

To play on the safe side, make a point of consulting your physician prior to taking any over the counter medication. Given that you experience muscle pain and fatigue often, get regular massage with chamomile, lavender and mustard oil. This will surely give you a respite from discomfort and even pain and of most importance keep you off the dangers of over the counter muscle relaxer pills.