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Home Remedies to Help You Get Rid of Warts on Your Finger

By on June 8, 2013

Are you are experiencing pain caused by warts on your finger and you need proven ways of relieving this pain? Here you will learn about effective ways to deal with warts on finger.

Warts on Your Finger

Warts can appear almost anywhere on the body. A common place that warts pop up is on the fingers and hands. The finger warts are known as Peringal warts. Often, they are raised, irregular and rough and develop near the finger nails.

In most cases, individuals get warts after getting in touch with someone who has them. The other way through which people acquire them is by handling the objects used by an infected individual. The virus, which causes warts to form, is known as the human papilloma virus, abbreviated as HPV.

Finger warts are not selective. They can affect both children and adults. Activities that promote the spread of HPV is biting your nails or picking on them. If you have warts, do not scratch them because they may get inflamed or start bleeding. You should note that irritating a wart can spread it further.

Some individuals may have a few warts on their fingers and others may develop dozens of warts all over their fingers. The severity of your warts may determine the kind of treatment you require. If you develop a number of big, cauliflower-like warts along your hands and fingers, you may need to see a doctor to administer treatment.

English: wart on finger Walon: porea so on doet.

English: wart on finger Walon: porea so on doet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you have one or two warts on your fingers then you can easily get rid of them.

You can just purchase a wart remover from over the counter.

Wart removers are medications that have an acid which helps to alleviate warts or they simply freeze off the warts.

You should however follow the directions accordingly and allow it some time to heal because warts do not usually disappear overnight.

For a long time, doctors have been using dry ice to freeze off warts from the finger of their patient.

This approach is not only inconvenient and painful, but also in some cases, warts may come back fast.

Your goal to treat warts on your finger should be to remove them as well as maintain a healthy skin and avert the warts from developing afresh.

Home Remedies to Help Remove Warts on Your Finger

A number of products are available to help you eliminate those warts completely. Wart removal products that contain aloe Vera are skin-friendly because apart from removing the warts, they will keep your skin healthy and moisturized hence warts won’t develop again in future.

If you have to purchase a wart remover, go for one that has salicylic acid since it has been tested and proved to effectively kill that dead skin build up, which forms around warts on the finger.

Besides, wart removal products that contain salicylic acid such as Duofilm Liquid Salicylic Acid Wart Remover – 1/3 Oz are amazing, as they are painless and work faster, and in most cases, warts may not come back.

wart on fingerThe market has several wart removal products that help to freeze the warts. They are similar to what the doctors usually do and are one of the painful remedies in home wart removal. However, the best thing about this wart removal product is its ability to act fast.

Wart removal products with salicylic acid usually come with a brush or pinpoint applicator. Both systems are affordable and easy to use. Bes sure to choose the product that will work and do not forget to carry out good research prior to buying any product.

Effective Home Remedies that Remove Warts from Your Finger

Known medications and over the counter solutions can help in the treatment of warts. However, for those looking for affordable yet effective options or eliminating this annoying skin problem, here are several home remedies for removing warts:

  1. Aloe Vera – This plant has been proved to treat warts in the past. You should simply apply aloe Vera gel on a cotton piece and put it at the affected region on your finger. Let it remain there for some time. Repeat this procedure about 5 to 7 times a day. If you do this continuously for a few days, the wart will start diminishing in size after which it will completely disappear. Here is one Aloe Vera product that helps clear warts Miracle Plus All-Natural Creamy Callus (Aloe Vera) Ointment, 4 Ounce
  2. Banana Peel – After enjoying the banana, do not just look for the nearest dust bin to discard the peelings because they play an essential role in wart removal. You should simply rub a banana peeling on the area around your finger affected with warts. To achieve the best results, rub the peeling various times a day. In about two weeks, the warts should disappear.
  3. Lime juice and apple cider vinegar- The two extracts are amazing home remedies for removal of warts. You simply need to soak a cotton piece into any of the two liquids and then apply on the wart around your finger. If you do this continually, the wart will gradually vanish. Addition, citric acid within these liquids removes the virus causing the warts. You could also opt to use these instead Compound W Freeze Off Wart Remover-8 oz.
  4. Garlic – You can still use garlic to remove warts. Crush about three cloves of garlic, take off their skin, and try to cover the wart area on the finger and use a bandage to cover it overnight. Take away the bandage in the morning; you will be able to see a blister that’s a good indicator that your wart will disappear in a week or so.
  5. Duct tape – It is a conventional way to remove warts. You should simply place a duct tape on the wart area and then change it after a while. Moreover, do not forget to clean the place of the wart’s location to hinder it from coming back.

I hope these home remedies for wart removal are beneficial to you as they do not damage the region around the wart and are easy to find.

They are also painless and less expensive than buying some wart removal kits or visiting the doctor. However, they take some days to work effectively so be a bit patient with the process.

When warts develop on your finger, you should try to treat them quickly because if left for a long time, they are usually contagious and may spread to the other body parts as well.

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