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Ingrown Toenail Causes and Treatment

By on June 18, 2013

An ingrown toenail condition leads to the edges and/or corners of your toenails to develop into the tissues of the toes. This growth targets the fleshy part of the toe. Infections may occur opportunistically because of the growth.

Ingrown toenails have a characteristic of the regions around the toe region being uncomfortably sore and red. This can lead to eventual infection of the area. This condition affects millions of people globally.

The big toenail is the usual candidate of the condition but other toenails can also be affected. However, following this advice can enrich you knowledge about the causes and treatment of the ingrown toenail.

What Causes an Ingrown Toenail?

It may be easy to figure out the causes of this condition but it leads to discomfort of patients. Although, it is a condition that begins insipiently, many people may be ignorant and leave the condition to develop into a full-blown situation.

Many people do not realize that the condition is self-inflicted. In addition, people hardly notice the condition develop into ingrown toenails until discomfort results. Such causes are a result of poor choices for the foot.

These poor choices are the major cause of ingrown toenails globally. Unfortunately, many people have no idea that these choices are the causes.

Some disorders that are related to fungal infection can cause ingrown toenails. These disorders lead to nails to grow thick and wide across the surface to the toenail tips.

This cause toenails to embed into the skin around the toes after subsequent growth. Fungal infections are not only undesirable since they lead to ingrown toenails but are also irritating.

So you are a fashion-crazy person and you cannot get away from those high-heeled shoes of yours? Consider a change in the shoes you wear. Those high heels are not good for your toenails; unless you do not love your beautiful toenails.

Furthermore, other people do not realize that wearing pointy and tight fitting shoes may cause the condition. Someone is asking “how?” When you put on such footwear, you subject the toes to unnecessary compression leading to abnormal growth of toenails.

Your toenails require less compression in order to grow freely and normally. As a result, the toenail changes the normal direction of growth and diverts to the tender parts of your toe to grow.

In addition, many people have negligence to the care given to their toenails. Consequently, they regularly trim their toenails in an improper manner. Trimming of your toenails must follow a correct procedural approach during trimming.

This implies that you do not have to cut the corners of your toenails by shaping them through rounding the corners. Instead of rounding the corners, consider cutting them straight across. This will lead the rounded corners of the toenails to dig into the skin leading to an ingrown nail.

Injuries around the toenails can also lead to the development of ingrown toenails. However, you should not ignore the likelihood of some causes like injuries to the toenails. These are preventable causes especially when you chose the correct footwear.

ingrown-toenail-fungusIngrown Toenail Treatment

Preventive measures have an advantage over treatment remedies for ingrown toenails. Remember that most causes of this condition is self-inflicted. Most treatment remedies reflect a change of lifestyle.

This implies that the remedies are homemade for treatment of ingrown toenails. It is important to note that prevention of infections to the affected toenail is pivotal to treatment.

As a result, specialists recommend regular soaking of the foot in warm water as a homemade remedy for treatment of ingrown toenails. Soaking of the foot in water can be boosted by application of antibiotics for effective treatment of the affected areas.

On the contrary, you should not underestimate the potential of ingrown toenails to develop into complications beyond your handling. For instance, you can apply this remedy for treatment but you realize continued pain and swelling.

If the pain and swelling continues, examine the toenail for any early signs of pus and redness. Consult your podiatrist with immediate effect.

If you neglect your toenail and lead to a severe situation, you will require partial removal of the toenail by the doctor. Partial removal of the toenail has the benefit of allowing for healing.

If well done, this operation has the best results. It will allow the infected parts to heal and relief pain from the swollen and sore areas.

Ingrown Toenail Treatment Further Remedies

Lifting the nail can also be a treatment remedy for ingrown toenails. This includes lifting of the edges of the nail embedded into the skin of the toes; however, this remedy is applicable to mildly ingrown toenails. The essence of this procedure is to help the nail to grow normally above instead of inside the edges of the toes.

In some cases, ingrown conditions may reoccur even after good treatment. This does not sound pleasant but it may happen. Therefore, it requires an advanced treatment remedy in order to tame the situation.

Treatment of such a case either requires the doctor to completely, or partially remove the toenail. This may involve numbing of the toenail with a local anesthesia for the surgical procedure to take place. This will correct the infection and lead to healing.

These remedies are important to the treatment of ingrown toenails in the event of an infection. However, readers should not forget one important thing; ingrown toenails have their roots of origin with individuals themselves.

As a result, change of lifestyle is important to prevention of ingrown toenails. This condition can lead people to unnecessary discomforts in life. For instance, when the condition is coupled with the occurrence of a fungal infection, many implicative consequences are possible.

Fungal infections of the toenails can lead to a low self-esteem of patients. Low self-esteem emanates from the fact that nails can produce an offensive smell. Such smells not only affect us as patients but the neighborhood too.

Lastly, we should not allow development of ingrown toenails since the causes are self-inflicted. A little care taken at home will save us from treatment costs and damage to our natural beauty.