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How to Detect Various Potential Kidney Pain Causes

By on June 5, 2013

Kidney pain causes are varied depending on medical reasons. To begin with, you may be wondering what is kidney pain, where exactly it occurs and why? Usually it is experienced in the upper area of the back.

In case it is in the upper or the middle part of our back, then the discomfort that you may experience may probably be because of another reason.

This pain is normally felt as a dull sensation, yet it is sharp in nature. This article will go ahead to shed some light on some causes that may result to kidney pain.

Cancerous Kidney Pain Causes

Renal cancer: This is a condition where the cancer is in the organ (s). There are a number of different forms of cancer that can occur in the kidneys. The one which is mostly found is the renal cell carcinoma.

Urothelial cell carcinoma is also another common form of cancer found in the kidneys.
When one develops cancer in the kidneys, there are some symptoms that will start to appear.

One of these symptoms that might show up is a mass which can be felt in the abdomen. One may as well experience Hydronephrosis. The patient’s urine may have traces of blood.

Angiomylipoma: It is also another form of cancer that may cause kidney pain. This is a benign neoplasm condition that occurs in the kidneys. This cancer is made out of vascular elements, fat and smooth muscles.

Angiomyolipomas are usually associated with tuberous sclerosis (TS), and also causes lymphangioleiomyyomatosis in women.
Kidney pain is just one of the symptoms that are caused; others include high blood pressure, nausea, fever, although in most cases it is asymptomatic.

When it comes to these asymptomatic cases the treatment used is often conservative in nature.

kidneyStones Are another Kidney Pain Causes

Kidney stones are a condition that is very painful. Kidney stones happen when crystals separate from an individual’s urine, and then develop later in to something that is sizable and hard. These stones can also lead to the blocking of the urine flow.

Just as with the renal cancer, traces of blood may be evident in the patient’s urine plus the patient may as well feel a burning sensation when urinating.
Nausea is also a potential symptom of the stones. There are medical causes that may result to these stones in the kidneys. Crohn’s disease is one of these causes and hyperparathyroidism may as well have a positive impact on their development.

Urinary Tract Infection Kidney Pain Causes

Kidney pain can be caused by urinary tract infections. These infections occur when the bacteria gets into your urinary tract.

Also in this case there is blood trace in the patient’s urine, but in addition, protein and pus can be found in the urine as well.

However, some UTIs symptoms are not easily noticeable. Therefore, a urine culture is in most cases used to confirm and try to diagnose of any urinary tract infection.
The bottom line is that your health counts and no information in this article should be used for professional medical information or be used on its behalf.

However, take concern of any kidney pain you feel and let your physician take care of the kidney pain causes you may have.