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Having Knee Pain After Running | Here is How To Get Rid Of it Fast

By on March 17, 2013

Knee pain after running is common among most people who would desperately want to get rid of the knee pain and uncomfortable feeling that come along with it; which may even cause one to dread running.

Fortunately, there some good news for you if you are experiencing the knee pain after running and are looking for a way out.  It is possible to get rid of the knee pain after running and enjoy the inexpensive exercise; all you need to know is the cause and what will work best for you.

Causes Of Knee Pain After Running

Some common types of internal knee injury cause knee pain after running. These injuries may be a cartilage meniscus and/ or ligament sprains, which can be caused by a trauma while running or even an overuse of the knee. The medial knee injury will determine the pain that is experienced in the knee.

knee pain after running

knee pain while running

Other factors may cause your knee pain while running. These factors include running with the wrong posture. This posture may be as a result of the type of shoes you are wearing while running; such that the shoes may not be fitting with the anatomy of your foot, or worn under shoes that may result to knee pain after running.

Physical causes may be lack of enough strength in your muscles located around your knee to carry you all through a heavy workout. However, when the knee is overused in an exercise such as running, knee pain after running will be experienced due to the impact on the knee which can be 3 or 4 times your weight.

What to Do While Experiencing Knee Pain after Running

In a case where you have a serious injury, seeking a physician may be the best thing to do. In case of light sprains and strains, the recovery may not take too long. However, there are some cardiovascular activities you may perform for a low impact workout. Such as swimming and cycling and also taking a break for rest for the knee to start the healing processes.

When the knee pain after running starts, you may use ice on the injury and use some leg inserts which can help in keeping your feet straight and support them. However, keep your weight on check, this is because for each pound which you are overweight, it adds 4 pounds in each step while running.

Left knee-joint from behind, showing interior ...

Can Knee Pain After Running Be Prevented?

Yes, knee pain after running can be prevented in the first place. This can be by ensuring that you wear shock absorbing shoes while running and also ensure that you replace the shoes after six months to prevent wearing and tearing.

Avoid your worn down shoes while running to avoid knee pain after running. When exercising work out with strength training exercises on your leg muscles; concentrating on the hamstring and the quadriceps.

Ensure that you make a point of visiting your doctor at the first instance of knee pain after running. You should not keep on using the sore knee because it may lead to more injuries to the knee. However, while taking various cautions while running you will stay safe and get rid of knee pain after running.

How to Get Rid of Knee Pain after Running

Check out the following videos on how to relieve knee pain after running