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Lower Back Exercises For Men | How They Can Save Your Life

By on July 30, 2012
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ANNAPOLIS, MD – MAY 17: A member of the United States Naval Academy Showing a Strong Back (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Lower back exercises for men help them maintain you epitome of your masculine abilities.  If you have ever wondered how you can reduce the risks of back injuries, prevent your back from aches and pains, reduce the risk you run of spinal injury or even have more energy plus acquire a good body fat percentage, these back exercises are your answer and well, this article is precisely written for you.

Here are Some Lower Back Exercises for Men to Employ

When taking up the back exercises for men, there are some details that are important and should be taken into account. In case you have any medical problems in your back you have to seek the advice of a chiropractor. This is for checking out whether it is your spine that may have gone out of it normal alignment due to some weakness and no chances should be left for any further damage.

In addition when you consult a back health professional it is possible for you to learn how to rectify the condition you may be experiencing and also feel better and ready for the back exercises together with getting a permanent solution to your back pain.

There are many back exercises for men that you can use to strengthen your back; However, you should be sure that you are free from chronic pain and are cleared by the chiropractor, in the case that you maybe experiencing chronic pain, it is best to seek for an added advice from a chiropractor or any other medical professional.

The back exercises include

Bridge: a back exercise for men. When performing this exercise, you lie down on your back while your feet are kept on the floor. Push your hips in the air; straighten your abdomen and your hamstrings. Then hold the position as long as possible.

Plank: put your toes and your hands on the floor, as they are while performing push ups. Pull in your abdominal muscles and tighten them, then with your back in a straight position. Hold this position as well for as long as you can. If it becomes too hard, just drop your elbows down slowly.

Side plant: lie down in a sideway position. Place your forearm and your elbow down on the floor, and then put your feet together and then the side of the foot down on the floor. Straight line out your body from your feet to the shoulders, then hold this position and repeat using the other side.

Prone cobras: lie down on your stomach, while your arms are firm above your head then lift of your head slowly and at the same time bend your back. Keep your arms straight as you move your hands back at the same time thus you end up in a position like a crucifix position on the front side. Turn your arms as back as possible, then arch your lower back and shoulders up and also back.

There are many other back exercises for men and lower back exercises for women, but each exercise has its own focus on your back and your entire body. Hence it is good to know the focus of the back exercise that is most suitable and you feel comfortable to undertake.

Lower Back Exercises for Men| Why Not Improve on Yours?

Majority of the lower back exercises for men mainly put their focus on improving the movements of the joints and also your backbone flexibility. Core strength exercises for men should always focus on stabilizing the spinal joints. Generally speaking, men are perceived to be more stable when it comes to the spine as compared to the women.

This is attributed to by the alignment of the lower part of the back.  Men are usually known to have stiffer backs than women. This perception is often mistaken by the instructors in the gyms resulting to the core strengthening exercises for men being ignored.

This stiffness in men is not at all stability.  Men seem to be somehow sway-backed just as the women are. They are as well flatter through the lower back and their pelvis is narrower than women’s.

This questions all the points and assumptions for a supernatural stability in men, in most cases it results in the lack of emphasis on the back exercises for men as well as on the training of their core stability muscles.

Different people have different needs when it comes to back exercises for men; and different back exercises have different focuses. Hence these exercises should be assessed depending on personal needs. However, some back exercises for men are generic and are usually needed by all to achieve a better, more stable and also flexible back.

Back Exercises for Men Benefits

There is a major benefit to the applying these back exercises for men. One is that as you continue with the exercise, your muscles are gently stretched so as to become more and more flexible. Your strength is also built up due to these exercises, which is as equally important as the flexibility that is gained. With a combination of some other delicate maneuvers, majority of experts share a believe that men should be in a position of protecting their backs from any pains in the future.

Lower back exercises for men such as the one of stretching out the lower back, will help you to kick off your day with a much calmer mindset. However, if you are just getting of the back pains you should take more care to ensure that your back is not tweaked again.

When working on the back exercises for men in two or even three days per week, there are great chances of avoiding back pain and if you might have had an injury. It is a great benefit and in addition the doctors and medical professionals agree that the damage is probable to be mending even faster.

It may take a lot more time to build and get your back to be fit and to maintain this fitness, even though it takes in order to build a muscle. Finally when your back will gain fitness you will feel fit for a day’s activities and you may fell a lot more extra energy.

The progress whether small or even none, should not discourage you from continuing to seek fitness for your back or make you to dissolve you regular routine lower back exercises for men regime.