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Lower Back Exercises for Women | How to Make Them Benefit You

By on July 31, 2012

Lower back exercises for women are very critical in every woman’s life as they assist in warding off major back conditions such as osteoporosis and others, they as well help through the challenges that are faced during maternity and giving birth. The degree of a woman’s strength in her back contributes mainly to her flexibility and even posture.

Have you ever glared in a magazine or a television at a gorgeous woman in a backless dress turning to pose for the photographer to capture her robust back? And wondered why yours is not like that? Well it takes commitment to back exercises for women to get there. exercises like the tube rowing, pull-ups, chin-ups among others plus knowing how to effectively perform them in order to reap maximum benefits are what we intend to dwell on here.

Best Lower Back Exercises for Women

There are good back exercises for women if you are looking forward to strengthen and tone your back. These exercises include the tube rowing at the low point, at the mid point and at the high point, pull ups, chin ups, skydiving, dead lifts, and pull-ins. We give insights to three back exercises for women that will help you fully develop your back muscles.


One hand back row: To perform this exercise, though you may use a sofa at home, you are required to have a dumb bell and a work out bench.  Take the dumbbell in your hand, and then place your left palm on the edge of the bench or the sofa.

Bend your left leg and put the knee and the chin on top of the sofa. Your right foot should be on the floor while the leg is in a straight position. Your right hand should hold the dumbbell above the floor over the edge of the bench.

Bend your right elbow and then pull the dumbbell to you till you feel that you are unable to lift your elbow any further without your body being tilted. Finally lower your arms to the starting position to complete the exercise and then perform equal sets with both your arms.

Seated cable row: this back exercise is usually done in the gym; however it can also be performed at home with a workout band given that you have something strong to tie it to, such as the leg of a heavy table.

To do a seated cable row, grab the handle with your both hands spacing them evenly. Maintain your back in a straight position then pull the handle towards the abdomen. Maintain this position for a second then release the cable slowly. Be careful to ensure that you pull the bar evenly towards you.  It is a great exercise if you seek to tone your back as well as the arms.

Pull-ups: this idea of a back exercise for women may seem remote. It is true that you need a lot of upper body strength in order to do the pull-ups. However when it is totally possible to do, you may consider working with an assisted pull up machine at the gym.

The role of the assisted pull up machine is to negate some of your body weight thus you work against less resistance. The weight that is set up is actually the weight that is reduced from your body weight. Doing pull ups is not a man exercise only, as a woman you should exercise to work on your back, shoulders and arms.

As you now know some of the back exercises for women it is good to comprehend the back muscle deeper in order to know what benefit to target as you perform the exercises.


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Taking Lower Back Exercises for Women Beyond The Casual Exercise

Lower back exercises for women should go beyond the overused cable pull-down. This is simply because the back muscles have different attachments to the body. The back muscles are the second largest group of muscles in the body. Hence, the way those muscle fibers are structured in your body means different muscles will be stimulated through different body movements.

To give an example, we can use the Latissimus Dorsi muscle. This muscle has three primary movements which are extension of the arm at the shoulder level, adduction or pulling of the arm towards your body and medial rotation of the arm at the joint on the shoulder.

Therefore, this muscle becomes more active in the pulling exercises like the cable-pull down and the chin-ups and to a lesser degree in the rowing movements such as the seated cable rowing exercise described earlier.

There is also the Erector spinae: this group of profound muscles will work primary as extensor muscles where they bend the upper body backwards. Back exercises for women such as the floor skydiving and dead lifts may be good choices for exercising the erector spinae.

Lower Back Exercises for Women  Permanent Benefits


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Generally Lower Back muscles are often neglected mainly due to the fact that they are at the back and out of sight. Most women only focus on the frontal muscles such as the stomach muscles, arms, and legs. Forgetting back exercises for women that leave permanent benefits should be applied to keep of back strong and free of pains.

As a matter of fact the back exercises are quite essential in that they prevent the injuries when you are lifting heavy objects, to balance the heavy top chest area as well as improving the shape and figure of your body.

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Even though the back exercise for women target the lower back, they are basically full body exercises therefore, it also works for the calves, the forearms, glutes, lats, the middle back, quads, the hamstrings and the traps. They strengthen these parts and keep the back much more flexible.

With the three described exercises among others will produced good result for your back pretty soon that you may reap. Always make sure that you have the correct form when you are performing these back exercises so as to avoid any injuries. Kick off with the relatively light weight and the gradually move up from this point. Keep in mind, however, that for you to cultivate and maintain a healthy back and good structural appearance you have to have time for back exercises. If you like this post then you might be interested in Lower Back Exercises for Men.

Back Exercises for Women

Keep working it Out and Never Give Up!