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Lump in throat hurts When I Swallow | Here are the Causes, Symptoms and Treatment for Relief

By on September 8, 2012

Have you been having the sensation of throat fullness, any tightness or throat hurts when I swallow? Well if you have at least had an episode of either of these symptoms then check out some information on lump in throat that could be of help to you. Normally the sensation of a lump in the throat has been referred to as “Globus” a constant feeling of having the world globe constantly in your throat.

The swelling on the throat is due to vocal cord tissue inflammation. The cords have an anterior part known as the Adams apple and a posterior part known as the posterior larynx between the two exits the spine and any swelling around that area will create a lump like sensation in the throat. This is the same anatomical position that “sits” above the esophagus (thin macular tube that connects the pharynx to the stomach)

Lump in throat hurts When I Swallow Why?

There are various reasons you’re experiencing a lump in your throat, lets check out a few of them here;

Causes of throat swelling

Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Lump in throat

Throat Infections

Lump in throat Related to Infection (sore throat) Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Bacterial or viral infection is very common to the throat and is a major cause of throat swelling, the swelling on the throat causes a feeling of throat congestion and tightness that makes you feel like you have a lump in the throat, initially the mass is small and less painful but with time and lack of treatment, the swelling increases.

You may start to notice this when you have pain while swallowing food and later pain occurs even when you swallow saliva, it becomes worse when talking becomes a problem such that the pain is present even in talking. You may want to avoid the pain getting to the talking stage and also as I’m sure the throat is so irritating so many people seek treatment as soon as possible

Throat Infection Diagnosis

Pain is the initial indication that the throat is sore, worsens with swallowing

On examination, the tonsils are usually enlarged and swollen and appear red pink in color, this exam can even be done at home

A throat swab can also be done in case the infection does not subside after treatment

Throat Infection Treatment options

Treatment depends on whether the infection is viral or bacterial, to differentiate the two, check the body temperatures it helps tell the difference, fever is mostly present in bacterial infection and this simply means you need antibiotics

Viral infection may be quickly treated with a warm saline gurgle three times for three times a day

Prevention of Throat Infection

Ensure that you complete the dose of antibiotic therapy, this helps to avoid re-infection, oral sex has been associated with recurrent infections so it’s highly discouraged.

To note: throat infection in children under the age of 10 should be treated with a lot of caution and aggressively as the condition has been associated with rheumatic heart disease and kidney disease through a mechanism known as antigenic mimicry

Allergy Related Lump in Throat Causes, Symptoms and Treatment 

Another reason that could cause you to experience throat infection could be allergic reactions to potential allergens like dust, pollen, animal dander (fur), drugs and protein foods.

The allergic reactions causes an inflammatory process that causes swelling around the throat, the reaction can be so massive that it could cause the surrounding organs to be blocked, in this case the trachea could be involved leading to airway obstruction which could complicate to death if the condition is not managed well and in good time.

English: A throat infection which tested negat...

Diagnosis of Throat Related Allergies

There is sudden swelling of the area around the neck and the patient is completely unable to swallow and pants for breath

Treatment of Throat Related Allergies

Anti-inflammatories and steroids are given aggressively to reverse the inflammatory (swelling) process

Prevention of Throat Related Allergies

It is important that you avoid the allergens that you react to and in some cases you could consider desensitization to avoid future allergic reactions

Acid Re-flux Related Lump in throat Causes, Symptoms and Treatment 

As we stated earlier, the posterior larynx sits above the esophagus, this creates an ideal area that is affected by reflux of gastric acid from the stomach. Constant irritation by HCL causes ulceration and swelling around the throat area. The swelling causes a feeling of throat fullness and makes swallowing difficult and painful. The pain is intense and burning in nature

Diagnosis of Lump in throat Related to Acid Re-flux

Laryngoscopy (an invasive procedure that aids in visualization of the larynx) shows the area ulcerated and patches of blood are also present

Treatment of Lump in throat Related to Acid Re-flux

The doctor will prescribe the use of proton pump inhibitors like omeprazole that regulate the production of HCL acid, this is combined with histamine receptor II blockers like ranitide to reduce the corrosive nature of the acid

Here are a few recommended medicines for treating acid reflux disease;

Gaviscon: This is one good medication for acid reflux treatments but is not so tasty but is effective

Maalox: Another one is Maalox which at least tastes better and is also effective in dealing with acid reflux disease

Prevention of Lump in throat Related to Acid Re-flux

You would want to avoid or limit the  use of Non Steroidal Anti inflammatory drugs(NSAIDS) as they have been highly associated with damage of the mucosa lining the GIT(gastro intestinal tract)

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