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My Neck Hurts What’s Causing it and How Do I Relieve It?

By on August 12, 2012

Are you suffering from neck pain, or crying out “My Neck Hurts” Don’t worry, here are various causes of neck pain and how to treat them. Read on

How many times have you repeated the phrase, ‘my neck hurts’? Maybe you have used it when complaining or even when giving an excuse. You might not even be in a position to tell the reason why it hurts, well, this article helps you know the answer to this and even permanently wipe this ‘my neck hurts’ off your mouth.
"UUUUU, my neck really hurts"

My Neck Hurts | What Causes Neck Pain

Most people will easily point out the cause of their ‘my neck hurts’; this is because they sustained it from an accident or an injury. Then again, there are many who keep on wondering what is the cause of their ‘my neck hurts’. For these particular group of people wondering, it is advisable to examine the signs and the symptoms because they are vital in order for them to point out the cause of their ‘my neck hurts’.

Follow on whether, for instance, the pain stays localized or if it radiates down to the shoulders and the arm. The pain that shoots down the arm may suggest that the nerve is involved. Therefore, it is possible that the nerve in your neck may be entrapped, irritated, or pinched.

If the pain is localized in the neck, then the possible causes might be spasm, strains, sprains, arthritis, facet joint disorder, and fracture. Also notice if your neck hurts more when you rotate your head, and if so it may be because of a muscle of even a joint dysfunction. Take the pain period if it is more that 2 or 3 months it may indicate a serious health condition and you should consider consulting a physician for a proper diagnosis.

My Neck Hurts Please Help

My Neck Hurts | Types of Neck Pains

Among many types of ‘my neck hurts’ there are some cases that seem to persist and stand out as chronic in nature. Such a problem may be as a result of a past neck injury, like a whiplash or even an arthritic degeneration.

Here are some forms of complaint;

  1. back of my neck hurts
  2. the side of my neck hurts
  3. my neck hurts every morning
  4. my neck hurts when i turn my head
  5. right side of my neck hurts
  6. my neck hurts when i wake up
  7. my neck hurts on the left side
  8. my neck hurts when i look down

Most commonly anatomical issues that are blamed for causing chronic pain to the neck are disc pathologies, such as hernioations, and disc desiccation.

Other types of ‘my neck hurts’ may include spinal postural concerns like hyperlordosis, cervical spondylolisthesis, and hypolordosis. There are also types of non-spinal issues that include thoracic outlet syndrome.

My Neck Hurts | Treatment for Neck Pain

X-rays are used in other cases together with MRI or the CT scans for diagnosis of the cause of the neck pain. This is because the treatment will depend on the cause of the pain.

Most physicians when initially treating the ‘my neck hurts’ complaint, they will recommend, rightly or wrongly, neck pain treatment plan that helps the patient to cope with the neck pain. Methods may include heat/ice therapy, medications, massage and physical therapy. In most case there is nothing much required, since these methods relieve the pain without recourse to more enveloping measures.

Usually surgery is the last choice in the treatment once all the other methods are exhausted with no relief.

When trying out exercises for the neck, apply moist heat to the neck so as to loosen up the muscles but first take your ‘my neck hurts’ complain to the doctor before any treatments, that may worsen.