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Pain In Back Of the Knee | What Causes it Plus How You Can Both Treat and Prevent It?

By on February 17, 2013

One of the most common pains suffered by most people is pain in back of knee. The knee is a part of your leg anatomy that assists in bending and straightening the leg. Your knee joint is a simple hinge joint which is able to twist and rotate.

The knee is made up of the ligaments, the bones, tendons and the cartilage all together. There are a given number of knee problems that affect people all over the globe. Pain in back of the knee is one of the most common complaints which might get you to know why and how you may protect yourself.

Injuries That Cause Pain In Back Of the Knee

Pain in the back of the knee

Knee structure

Pain in back of the knee is mostly caused by injuries and a few people are prone to develop this pain behind knee problem. Some of these people include runners or athletes, older people or even those who are suffering from osteoporosis or arthritis. Some of these injuries include:

Hamstring injury: semitendinosus, smimebranosus, and the biceps femoris consist of the hamstring. The bicep femoris is more in the risk of injury and weakness in muscles and may result to pain in back of the knee.

Meniscus injury: pain in back of the knee will occur when the posterior horn of the medial meniscus suffers from a tear. You may be in a position to hear a clicking or a popping sound while squatting. One may still suffer from the pain in back of the knee even up to six months after surgery treatment has been performed.

Posterolateral corner injuries: the posterolateral corner is made up of the lateral ligaments, popliteus muscle, the posterolateral capsule and popliteofibular ligaments. The pain in back of the knee is caused when these ligaments or the muscles are injured. It is commonly experienced in athletes and sportsmen.

Underlying conditions that may cause pain in back of the knee

Patellofemoral pain syndrome: it is also known as runner’s knee and maybe as a cause of pain in back of the knee it is commonly experienced in runners who’s kneecap causes irritation to the femorl groove in which it lies.

Arthritis: arthritis is one of the most common causes of pain in back of the knee. You may experience anterior knee pain and also pain over the joint line where the tibia meets the femur. In other given cases the uneven surfaces on the cartilage may also cause the pain in the back of your knee.

How to Prevent Pain In Back Of the Knee

The following suggestions may help prevent injuries and joint deterioration. One of the ways is to keep the extra pounds off and your weight healthy and on check. Use balanced and also stabilized training that will help the muscles which are around your knees to work together more effectively.

Be smart about the exercises that you perform. If you are osteoarthritis, or surfer chronic knee pain and also recurring injuries, go for exercises like swimming, water aerobics or any other activities with a low impact to engulf the pain in back of the knee.

Treatment of Pain in Back of the Knee