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Pain on Top of Foot Causes and Treatment

By on June 27, 2013

Experiencing pain on top of your foot? The pain may be mild or even chronic, and may render you immobile for a long time. For an average person, a lot of time is spent standing which exerts a lot of pressure on the feet.

This sometimes results to pain on top of the feet. Though the structure of your foot is such that it can withstand much pressure, sometimes some underlying factors will result to a lot of pain on this vital organ.

Many factors have been known to contribute to pain on top of foot. It is important that you are well informed on these factors and be in the know of the most appropriate remedies for the same.

You need to understand the structure of the feet before concluding on the underlying factors that could have caused pain on top of your foot.  The structure of your foot is made up of twenty four bones which are firmly held together by tissues known as ligaments.

Further support of the bones comes from the muscles and other tissues. Still, there are fat pads that help absorb pressure while walking or running. Any pain experienced on your foot is indicative of either internal or external factors. Major hints on the causes of any pain on your feet will be given by understanding the structure of your foot and further the location of the pain.

pain on top of footSymptoms of top of foot pain

a) You may experience an unusual sort of warmth on top of your foot.

b) The  top of foot may be unusually tender

c)  You may experience swelling of the top of foot sometimes accompanied by redness around the area.

d) You may experience difficulty while standing or during exercise.

If you experience any of these symptoms, it is important that you see your doctor for proper diagnosis. When left unattended, pain on top of foot may end up costing you lots of money as you try to treat it.

A doctor will normally perform various tests which could be physical or weight bearing exercises to identify the major cause of the pain. The doctor will also ask you various questions to identify the cause of the pain and hence the recommend appropriate treatment. X-rays and other vital scans are also conducted before any conclusions are made on the major causes of the pain on top of your foot.

Foot Structure

Foot Structure

What Causes Pain on Top of Foot?

One of the major causes of the top of foot pain is tendonitis. This is the kind of pain that you feel from your mid foot to the top of foot and is majorly caused, just like the name suggests, by straining the foot tendons. Various factors are related to this kind of pain.

Having worn tight shoes, or maybe during your normal running exercise, it is possible to experience this kind of pain. Further, running on hard surfaces will put you at a higher risk of experiencing the pain. It is also possible to experience nerve entrapment when you wear tight shoes or apply any sort of pressure on your feet. This will inevitably result to this kind of pain on your feet.

It is also common to find people, especially the elderly experience pain on top of foot after fractures. When someone steps on you, a fracture is likely to occur which further results to foot pain. Also, though indirectly, arthritis has been known to cause this kind of pain.

Arthritis will normally bring about formation of spurs on the bones which further irritates the nerves. As a result, you will experience a lot of pain on top of your feet. Still, you stand a higher chance of getting fractures on your feet if you have been diagnosed with arthritis.

Diabetic people may experience this kind of pain due to nerve damage that comes with the disease. Sometimes while sleeping, a diabetic person may experience a shooting pain and sometimes even loose feeling on the feet.

Morton’s Neuroma is also another cause of foot pain. It is associated with thickened nerves between the third and fourth toe and will be experienced while walking. Majorly, people who wear high heeled shoes experience this kind of pain.

Other causes of pain on top of foot include ingrown toe nails, hormonal imbalances, pregnancy, aging and ganglion cyst.

Ways to Prevent Pain on Top of Foot

There are several ways in which one can avoid this kind of pain.

  1. Avoid shoes that are overly tight especially on top of your foot. It is important to ensure that every shoe you buy fits you perfectly, and in particular, the individuals who have wide feet.  The allure of buying shoes that are tight just because they look good should be avoided at all costs.
  2. Put on the right kind of shoes during the racing exercises. While running, it is important to ensure that your shoes match with the kind of ground you will be using. They must be able to match up with hard surfaces to avoid this kind of pain after the race or exercise.
  3. Loosen up your shoe laces to reduce pressure on the tendons and feet nerves.  Depending on the technique you use to tie your shoes laces, you can easily avoid the occurrence of the pain.

Pain on Top of Foot Treatment

Having been diagnosed with pain on top of your foot, there several ways of going about the treatment of the pain.

Firstly, you can buy several medications on top of the counter which include:

  1. Tylenol
  2. Aspirin
  3. Ibuprofen
  4. Naproxen among others.

All these medications will help reduce pain on top of your feet quite significantly.

Secondly, you should stretch your feet muscles through guided procedures. This brings in quicker recovery especially in instances where certain pressure had resulted to pain on top of feet. Shoe inserts are also known to rectify the pain. You could also limit your activities to ensure that no further pain is experienced on top of your foot.

During the recovery process, majority of doctors will recommend you to use crutches. This will majorly be recommended for individuals who have had fractures resulting to pain on top of their foot. For severe cases, doctors may prescribe surgery to try and rectify the problem

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