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Pain in my Upper Left Side Causes Symptoms and Treatment

By on May 29, 2013

Having pain in your upper side can really trouble you. At times, many people with inadequate medical knowledge ignore the condition, marking it as another passing phase. However, this pain could indicate another serious underlying ailment.

If you do not treat it, the pain can worsen and affect your health considerably. With the right information, you can know the possible causes of this pain and employ a number of preventive measures to avert it.

left-side-abdomen-stomach-pain (1)Causes of pain in upper left side

Pneumonia: If this pain emanates from your upper abdominal region, right under the lungs, it may imply pneumonia. The pain arising because of pneumonia does not originate from the lungs, but from the thoracic diaphragm located below the lungs.

Pleurisy: The other cause could be pleurisy, the collection of fluids within the covering of lungs. Besides, gastritis, as in stomach ulcers can cause it.

Splenomegaly: The other cause of this pain is splenomegaly (enlargement of the spleen). The spleen plays an essential role in filtering the blood. The common causes of splenomegaly are viral infections, bacterial infections, parasitic infections and cirrhosis.

Cystic fibrosis: This is a lung disease originating from excess production of mucus.

Haemolytic anaemia: The other cause of an enlarged spleen is the haemolytic anaemia (a disorder of the red blood cells).

Acute pancreatitis: Acute pancreatitis may cause pain in the upper side. Acute pancreatitis is simply the inflammation of the pancreas. These are the most common ones even though the uncommon ones may come through conditions such as herpes.

Additionally, the non-disease-related causes could point to a physical injury within the upper left abdominal region.

Major Symptoms associated with pain in upper left side

Often, the symptoms will reflect the underlying cause. If the causes of the pain include pneumonia, stomach ulcers or pleurisy, you will experience acute pain. The feeling of tenderness will accompany the acute pain.

If the conditions continue, you may feel shortness of breath in addition to nausea and fever. If the cause of the pain is an enlarged spleen, the symptoms will be pain in your upper quadrant, hiccups and inability to eat any large meal.

The symptoms of acute pancreatitis include indigestion, clay-coloured stools, swollen stomach, and jaundice (yellowing of eyes). When such symptoms show up, it is imperative that you seek medical attention immediately.

Prevention and Treatment of Pain in Upper Left Side

The best way to prevent pneumonia is to go for the pneumococcal vaccination. In the early stages, antibiotics can treat pneumonia but if it’s advanced, you will need effective medical treatment. On the other hand, to prevent stomach ulcers, you should eat and not skip meals.

Thus, you should keep a scheduled plan for your meals. By taking these measures, you will also prevent pain in your upper left side. Pleurisy is the only condition that you may not be able to prevent.

However, it is treatable. Treatment of the acute pancreatitis may involve receiving intravenous fluids and taking the pain medications. Besides, limiting the fluid or food amounts getting into the stomach can help to treat pancreatitis.

Moreover, draining fluid near the pancreas and removal of gallstones can help in the management of pancreatitis. To treat splenomegaly, one should avoid contact sports that may result to the rapture of the spleen and if the spleen raptures, it should be removed.