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Pinched Nerve in Arm | How You Can Liberate Yourself

By on August 14, 2012

A pinched nerve in arm is damage to a nerve or even to a set of nerves in the arm. It is a compression, a constriction or a stretching of a nerve in the arm causing an injury that is referred to as a pinched nerve. A pinched nerve in arm is no different from other pinched nerves in any other part of the body.

It is a condition that is gruelingly painful and you may be wondering how it gets to you in the fast place and more importantly how to free yourself from this pain and discomfort of the pinched nerve. Well, read on.

pinched nerve in arm

Pinched Nerve in Arm

Pinched Nerve in Arm Symptoms

There are some signs that highly apparent when it comes to a pinched nerve in arm. There is a tingling sensation which is medically referred to as paresthesia.

This is simply a sensation that is much like a feel of a prick of needles or pins. This sensation may be felt being radiated down from the shoulder to the wrist.

The tingling sensation may go down even to one or two fingers; whereas the thumb and the pointing finger are the most affected ones by the paresthesia.

A patient may also suffer hits of pain when the arm is moving. The affected arm becomes numb and slowly increases the feeling of weakness in the muscles. Other symptom of the pinched nerve in arm condition is twitching; which is a muscle spasm or a sensation of the arm falling asleep.

What Causes Pinched Nerve in Arm?

As any other pinched nerve in other parts of the body, a pinched nerve in arm is caused majorly by the muscles being subjected to frequent and also too much compression, stretching or constriction.

When the nerves in your arm endure so much pressure from the surrounding tissues, it gets inflamed and therefore, it gets disrupted in its normal function.

The tissues in you that may cause this pressure may be a bone cartilage or even muscles or tendons that could be the source of pressure to the nerve.

When looking at medical causes, there are disorders such as osteoarthritis, and even obesity may cause the pinched nerve in arm. It can also occur to people with repetitive activities or to those who are suffering from an injury in the arm. Keeping the arm in an awkward position is also another cause of a pinched nerve in arm.

How to Get Free from Pinched Nerve in Arm

Generally, the treatment of a pinched nerve seeks to take off the pressure form the affected nerve. Treatment should be sort for a pinched nerve in arm for it to go back to normal; otherwise, permanent nerve damage may be the final result of ignorance.

Rest is the primary requirement for the treatment. Cease from all activities that may aggravate the symptoms or if they unavoidable keep them moderate. The patient is also advised to seek out physical therapy which includes exercises for the affected arm to stretch the muscles of the arm.

Prescribed medications such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) may take care of pain and any inflammation in the affected arm.

There are a few and simple self-care measures for daily activities that include maintaining the right posture, breaking out of repetitive activities, keeping your weight on check and sticking to a regular exercise regime; which may liberate and keep you off the pinched nerve in arm pains.

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